Welcome to the Shop!

Here at the PXiF Designs shop we truly do specialize in everything.  We started this shop as a way to bring ideas to life. To help people and companies who have a vision but trouble making it come to fruition.  We have tremendous backgrounds in design, fabrication, modeling, electronics, robotics, music, art and much more.  We build every project like it is for us because we truly enjoy creating and making one of a kind pieces of art that we are all proud of.  If we don't have the knowledge we turn to our vast field of dear friends and talented colleagues to lend a hand.  Here at PXiF Designs you will never be disappointed!

Work Table
Screwdrivers on Rack

Introducing the Crew

We are Husband & Wife duo who love to harness our creative sides. We first started PhoenX in Flight as Music Recording Company and have now branched out into multiple industries such as Music & Recording, Design & Fabrication and Graphic & Web Design. In PXiF Designs we focus on custom design work from unique art pieces to furniture to home redesign.

Founder & CEO
Designer, Maker, Fabricator 
Thomas Girolamo

I have been creating since the day I had enough coordination to wield a tool.  I am currently and have been teaching wood-shop, design & modeling as well as robotics for 16 years.  My passion of creating custom, unique projects and bringing ideas to life is my full-time job.

Co-Founder & Creative Specialist

I am a creative. Creativity flows through me every second of the day.  Whether it is writing and recording music, styling and setting up decor or designing custom builds; Creating and designing is my happy place.

Artist, Creative Specialist, 
Asst. Fabricator & Designer
Aurora " The Jaguar"

The newest and youngest member of this creative family! Aurora brings a one-of-a-kind, unique approach to design and art using her amazing imagination!

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